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Our horizontal and vertical stone grinding mills, as well as our disc mill, are all known for their high Danish quality and durability. They span from 80 kg/hr to up to 2,000 kg/hr.

The Diamant, Europemill Industrial, and Grindmaster stone mills provide our customers, such as farmers, bakeries, cafes, and coffee shops, with organic, freshly stone milled wholemeal flour, spices, or coffee. Stone-milled products retain all nutrients, which is better for your health and the environment. Nothing is added or removed, giving the product a natural flavor without fortification.

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More than 100 years of experience

Engsko Discmill MHA 600

Discmill MHA 600

The Discmill MHA 600  is designed for a range of size-reduction applications, particularly in the cereal grain milling industry. The main characteristic of this unique grinding technology is very high productivity in relation to the physical size and energy consumption of the machine
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Grindmaster 950

The Grindmaster stone grinding mill is the heart in our flour milling plants. Meeting your needs for high quality, healthy wholemeal flour, grits or fresh-milled flour. It has a strong frame, hard-wearing shaft, bearings and a special adjustment gear for fine tuning.
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europemill industrial

Europemill Industrial

The Europemill Industrial stone grinding mill is specially designed for installation in the milling industries or to use in our Grinding Mill Plants. The stone-milled product retains more nutrition and more flavor.
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Europemill Standard

The Europemill Standard horizontal mill is available in sizes 600, 800 or 950 mm.
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Combi Tabletop

For sifting whole meal flour, our centrifugal pulsation sifter model BD-150 is an ideal completion to your EM 25/250 stone mill as it ensures a high output with a very good quality. 
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tabletop grinding mill

Tabletop EM25/250

The Tabletop Mill EM 25/250 is a specially developed tabletop type and may be characterized as a mini-size grinding mill. It is our smallest stone mill and well-suited for big households or small farm shops.  
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engsko diamant grain mill

Diamant Vertical Mill

The Diamant Grinding Mill is a result of more than 100 years of production experience and continuous product improvement. Today the grinding mill is a modern, high-quality product with outstanding performance. 
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Handmill D.525

Handmill d.525 grinder is a strong mill that is designed to meet the requirements of a small hand-operated mill, easy to operate by means of hand power. No special tools are required.
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Here are some of the most common questions about Stone Milling

Yes, we have spare parts avaolable for our whole range of grinding mills, sifters and accessories

Stone Milling is a special craft so knowing how to mill with stone mills is a must. We offer training on site to all our customers

A Stone Grinding Mill can grind different types of grains, spices, and coffee. 

The product is ground between two millstones: a stationary stone and a runner stone.

Yes, not only is it healthy because it contains a natural balance of starch, protein, vitamins, and fibres, but it also preserves the essential vitamins B and E..

You can grind all types of grains, different types of spices and coffee on ENGSKO grinding mills

Yes, to all countries by air, sea and land

Yes, we have a full installation team that we will send out; both for installation, training and commissioning

The mill stone will last several years, depending on what you grind and how many hours per day you operate. 

As an overall, our mill stone will last up to 3 years before you need to change it. 

This is based on running the stones 8 hrs per day for 6 days per week. 

The millstone can be re-dressed up to 3-4 times

  • Our Baker´s Choice Milling Plant requires 30-50 sqm for operation.
  • Our Miller´s Choice 250 will require 75-100 sqm.
  • Our Miller´s Choice 500 will require 100-150 sqm.
  • Our Miller´s Miller´s Choice 1000 will require 150-200 sqm.

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