Grinding mill plants

Our Baker´s & Miller’s Choice Grinding Mill Plants allows you to compete effectively with larger mills while operating with fever workers and reasonable hours. The Baker´s &  Miller’s Choice Grinding Mill Plants comes in various sizes and capacities, is modular, adaptable and fitted with cleaner, polisher, buffer silos etc. depending on preference. The heart of the Grinding Mill Plants  is the ENGSKO Grindmaster 950 grinding mill. The Grindmaster 950 meets your need for both quality, capacity as well as stable and continuous production. The ENGSKO “Europemill Industrial” is also an option. The “Europemill Industrial” offers the same capacity as the Grindmaster 950, the major difference being that the  Grindmaster 950 is prepared for PLC control.


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There are many imitations of our millstones, however, none of them match the quality of the original ENGSKO millstone. Therefor, look for the ENGSKO seal of quality cast in the back side of the stone. That is your quarantee for ENGSKO quality.

Our special design of the ENGSKO millstones is a result of practical experience gained during more than 100 years of production. They are produced in sizes from 250 mm to 1500 mm and composed of high-quality natural materials such as flint and emery.

The rest is our secret …