The most essential part of the mill is the ENGSKO millstones!

The quality of the millstones is decisive both for grinding capacity of the mill and the quality of the grounded product.

Our millstones are made of all natural materials and is a result of practical experience gained during more than 100 years of production.

After many hours with your ENGSKO stone mill, the millstones will display some degree of wear. This will typically be after more than 550 ton of flour has been produced on the mill.

The below YouTube video shows you how you can re-dress your millstones, showing the necessary tools and how-to-do in 5 easy steps. No use of dye and refitting of the millstones is necessary during the re-dressing.

The grooves in the millstone have a depth of 8 mm when manufactured. To avoid decreasing capacity on your mill, the millstones should be re-dressed when the grooves reach a depth of 5 mm.  A 950 mm ENGSKO millstones can be re-dressed 6 to 8 times, depending on the nature of your operation.

  • The most essential part of the mill is the millstone
  • ENGSKO millstones are available in sizes from 250 mm to 1.500 mm
  • The vertical millstone in 400 mm and 500 mm are available as special coffee millstones for extra fine stone grinding
  • Our ENGSKO millstones are composed of high-quality european stone materials
  • The ENGSKO seal of quality cast in the rear side of the millstone is your guarantee for the original millstone

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