Handmill d.525 grinder is a strong mill that is designed to meet the requirements of a small hand-operated mill, easy to operate using hand power. No special tools are required. 

This handmill can be used for grinding products with high moisture content as it can easily be opened and cleaned without any special tool. 

Due to the special force-feeding worm, the mill is suited for grinding products with a certain oil content. 

Daily Grind” wasn’t coined as something to look forward to. however, where grains, spices, and coffee are concerned, the daily grind can and should be one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. 

The rich, spicy aroma created by the grinding of fresh coffee is nothing short of amazing. Grinding grains, spices or coffee can not only be enjoyable, but a relatively simple affair on our hand-operated grinding mill. 

  • Approx Cap. kg/h: 10
  • Dimensions: 430 x 260 x 430 mm
  • Suitable for grinding any kind of grain, corn, coffee, chemicals, spices, sugar, etc. or similar dry or wet products
  • The mill can also be operated by an electric motor
  • The distance between the discs is adjustable so the grinding fineness can be changed during operation.
  • This is a kind of mill that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren due to its quality
  • The heart of the mill consists of specially cast and hardened grinding discs


If you live in the US, Canada or South America please contact: Lehman’s in Ohio, if you live in Germany or Russia please contact: Luba G.m.b.H in Bad Hamburg, Germany.


For other destinations please contact ENGSKO directly