grindmaster 950


The Grindmaster stone grinding machine professionally and simply does the job through the optimum milling process using proven and wellknown ENGSKO millstones in a sturdy design. 

The heavy duty mill aimed for industrial purposes, has a strong frame, hard-wearing shaft and bearings. The adjustment of the stones has an adjustment gear for fine tuning. 

All in all an industrial mill used for grinding whole grain into grits/healthy and good whole meal flour or for grinding of flour grits into high class flour as the last break after a roller mill. 

The superior thing about the Grindmaster stone mill when used in ENGSKO’s decentralized flour mills for milling high class flour at a high yield is that the process only uses 4 milling breaks. 

In this unique combination of 3 break roller milling and 1 break stone milling the stone grinding machine produces a high quality, fine flour from the fine, white grits from the roller mill.

The flour produced on a Grindmaster stone mill machine contains all the natural vitamins and minerals in the grain and can be used for baking without further processing. 

Furthermore, the stone ground flour has a large surface increasing the ability to absorb liquid, giving an airy and elastic dough easy to work with. 

  • Power required: 18,5 KW 400 V Electric, 50 Hz, European Standard, IE3
  • RPM: 800
  • Input capacity (fine/coarse) kg/h: 250 – 800
  • Dimensions, mm. 1.880 x 1.050 x 1.632
  • Meeting your needs for high-quality, healthy wholemeal flour, grits, or high-class flour
  • Can be fitted with a stainless steel base around the stones and outlet
  • The process only uses 4 milling breaks

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