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Combi Tabletop

For sifting whole meal flour, our centrifugal pulsation sifter model BD-150 is an ideal completion for your EM 25/250 stone mill as it ensures a high output with very good quality.

The sifter is driven by a single phase 230 v, 0.88 kW electric motor, which is directly coupled with the shaft.

It works efficiently and simply, and its dimensions fit our stone mill EM 25/250. The easily and quickly exchange sieves allow three different selections: one type of flour, fine bran, and bran. 

The whole structure is in powder-painted, welded steel. A rotor operating by centrifugal pulsations is set up on dust-proof ball bearings.

The sifter is coupled with three separate discharge outlets to sack each different type of flour and each discharge spout is supplied with nozzles and leather lacers.

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Incredible stone grinding mill offering three individual discharge outlets

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