discmill mha 600


The Discmill MHA 600 has many applications and is the heart of several ENGSKO milling plants.


It can be used with finess to break open cereal grains such as wheat or it can be used with brute force to reduce granular products to fine flour or wholemeal flour.


The Discmill MHA 600 is designed for a range of size reduction applications, particularly in the cereal grain milling industry and it bridges the gap between roller mills and hammer mills.


For each application the type of corrugation, relative disposition of the corrugation (sharp to sharp, dull to dull, etc.), speed, and motor size are selected by United Milling Systems, and the machine is supplied so configured.


The grinding discs in the mill can be adjusted on-site, easily and accurately, using a micrometer handwheel. When the corrugated elements (tiles) are worn, or a different corrugation profile is required, the elements can be changed relatively easily, it takes about one hour for one person.

Motor Power kW: 37

Cap. kg/h: 1.500 – 2.000

Dimensions: 1.335 x 890 x 1.530/70

  • Compact, self-contained design. Minimizes space requirement and installation cost
  • Easily accessible and durable wearing parts. Keep maintenance costs low
  • Rapid disc and element replacement. Minimizes downtime and operating costs
  • Exchangeable grinding elements in various corrugation patterns. Covers a wide range of applications
  • Simple, accurate handwheel adjustment of the grinding gap. This leads to consistent & uniform finished product characteristics
  • Large grinding surface and no integral screen. Gives high capacity and low power consumption

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