ENGSKO has been doing business in the milling industry for more than a decade and was founded in 1900 in Randers, Denmark. To this day, we specialize in the agricultural area, and our production is focused on the famous ENGSKO Millstones, Grinding Mills, Baker´s & Miller´s Choice Grinding Mill Plants and related equipment for grinding different types of grains, spices, and coffee. Our head office is in Randers, Denmark and our production facilities are in Denmark, Ethiopia, India, Lithuania, South Africa, and Ukraine

Grow your business with our famous ENGSKO milling equipment

ENGSKO millstone are made of the best  quality natural materials

Fast return on investment

ENGSKO offers a wide range of  millstones, grinding mills & milling plants

Wholegrain is better for your health

ENGSKO Grinding mills last a lifetime 

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reliable & an experienced supplier.

We are focused on our customers needs & we assist every client in their first initial steps and planning to the actual start-up of their own production of either whole meal flour, spices, or coffee.  


Our solution start with our Baker´s & Miller´s Choice Grinding Mill Plant technology where we have more than 30 years of experience in designing and installing our Milling Plants in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, and Asia/Pacific. 


Our famous ENGSKO Millstones are the heart of our Stone Grinding Mills and are known for their durability and super grinding ability. 


Our Danish designed grinding mills are used in more than 59 countries and our Diamant Vertical Grinding Mill is exceptionally good for grinding spices & coffee, whereas our horizontal  Europemill Industrial and Grindmaster can grind any type of grains such as wheat, barley, rice, maize, quinoa, teff, sorghum, millet, chickpea, legumes etc.

grinding mills.

Our grinding mill technology help supply healthy, sustainable, organic and gluten free solutions contribute to good health in general by keeping all vitamins, fats, and oils in the products, giving you a much higher nutritional value. 


We always have a customer first approach and we have helped many of our clients increase their profitability by adding value to their existing and/or future products.

healthy food & value adding.

With ENGSKO you will get a combination of innovation and know-how of more than a century of experience within the milling business from the supply of our stand-alone mills to completely designed and installed Baker´s & Miller´s Choice Grinding Mill Plants


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ENGSKO is active in more than 59 countries world-wide, and we service both private customers, co-operatives, communities, government entities and the UN / NGO sector.

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There are many imitations of our millstones, however, none of them match the quality of the original ENGSKO millstone. Therefor, look for the ENGSKO seal of quality cast in the back side of the stone. That is your quarantee for ENGSKO quality.

Our special design of the ENGSKO millstones is a result of practical experience gained during more than 100 years of production. They are produced in sizes from 250 mm to 1500 mm and composed of high-quality natural materials such as flint and emery.


The rest is our secret …