Danish Suppliers of High Quality, Tasty Stoneground Flour

In Denmark we have among others three famous milling companies using our equipment:

These artisan millers are famous for their high quality, tasty stoneground flour which consists of wheat, rye, barley,spelt, millet and many more.

Organic Millplants

Among our clients are several millers, both in Denmark and abroad with focus on organic farming.

The first organic spelt plant in Norway Holli Mølle is based on our grinding mills.

Bob’s Red Mill in the U.S.

Bob’s Red Mill delivers high quality flour all over the U.S. – stoneground on Engsko mills.

Do you want to watch a video of Bob's Red Mill?

Fresh bread made by Fru Møllers Mølleri
Opening of Holli Mølle in Norway where we delivered a complete stonemill plant

Map of References

Our milling plants and stone mills / millstones have been sold to satisfied customers all over the world for decades. On the below map you can see some of the countries, where we have customers.