Plan Sifter FS 2000


Our centrifugal vibration sifter may be considered the ideal completion for our production of stone mills, in case you need to sieve the whole meal flour possible to obtain a high output with a very good quality of sifted products. A minimum driving power absorption is required and it is driven by a single phase 230 Volt Kw 0,12 electric motor, directly coupled with the shaft. Our sifter has very small overall dimensions, suitable to position on our stone mill EM 25/250 and it works very efficiently and simply.

It allows to select three different selections: one kind of flour, brown sort (fine bran) and bran.

The whole structure is in welded steel, baking powder painted, a rotor operating by centrifugal pulsation is set up on ball dust-proof bearings.

The sifter is coupled with three separate discharge outlets to sack the different types of flours. Every discharge spout is filled with nozzles and leather lacers.


  • Single phase 230 Volt Kw 0,12 electric motor
  • Three different selections – flour, fine bran and bran
  • Small dimensions and suitable with our EM 25/250 mill

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There are many imitations of our millstones, however, none of them match the quality of the original ENGSKO millstones. Therefor, look for the ENGSKO seal of quality cast in the back side of the stone. That is your quarantee for ENGSKO quality.

Our special design of the ENGSKO millstones is a result of practical experience gained during more than 100 years of production. They are produced in size from 250 mm to 1500 mm and composed of high-quality natural materials such as flint and emery.

The rest is our secret …