For Professional Flour Milling

Picture of a stonemill for industrial purposes
Inside of a stone mill

The top model and most professional mill in our programme is our commercial grain mill GRINDMASTER model 950 I, which is the most important part of our specially designed flour mill plants.

Meets Your Need for High Quality

With this mill implemented in your flour mill plant you will be able to make healthy wholemeal flour, grits or high class flour. The Grindmaster Stone Mill meets your need for high quality!

Engsko Millstones

The Grindmaster stone mill professionally and simply does the job through the optimum milling process using the proven and well-known Engsko millstones. The adjustment of the stones has an adjustment gear for fine tuning.

Heavy Duty Industrial Grain Mill

The heavy duty mill is aimed for industrial purposes and has heavy bearings, a heavy shaft and a strong frame.

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