Flour Sifter Type FS 1000

The ENGSKO Flour Sifter type FS 1000 is developed to perform the final process of the decentralized flour milling plant. It is designed for separating ground flour in different fractions: flour, semolina and bran.


Stainless Steel – Rotary Type

The rotary type ENGSKO Flour Sifter type FS 1000 consists of a stainless steel housing with a rotary shaft with catchers.


Four Outlets for Sifting of Flour into Different Grades

The flour sifter has three built-in sifting chambers, each with an outlet (No.  1, 2 and 3). Furthermore, there is a remaining external outlet (No. 4) The sifting chambers Nos. 1, 2 and 3 are used for sifting of flour and can be equipped with different screen sizes. The 4th outlet is for discharge of bran directly into a sack.

As standard the Flour Sifter type FS 1000 is delivered with the following screen sizes:

1st outlet160 my(GOST 49, 52)
2nd outlet210 my(GOST 35, 38)
3rd outlet500 my(GOST 16)


Furthermore, one set of screen frames for 1st outlet (long fram) and one set of screen frames for 2nd and 3rd outlets (short frames) are included in the delivery.



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Jacob Pipework Systems 

United Milling Systems represent Jacob Pipework Systems in Denmark.

Original Jacob Quality is a brand. With its modular pipe system – in combination with a proven and innovative pull ring system – Jacob Pipework Systems have the highest demands with regard to quality of workmanship and function.

The catalogue for Jacob Pipework components can be downloaded by following the below link:

Jacob Pipe Systems Catalogue

For more information please contact Gudrun Hansen, ghh@engsko.com, phone +45 87 10 32 05