EUROPEMILL Type EM-25/250 mm with 250 diameter millstones is a specially developed tabletop type and may be characterized as a mini-size large grinding mill.

It is our smallest stone mill and well suited for e.g. big households or small farm shops and bakeries.

The EM 25/250 is CE approved.


Designed for Permanent Operation

Grinding mill type EM- 25/250 is universal for the grinding of grain, coffee, spices etc. Since it has been designed for permanent operation it is widely used for production of wholemeal flour. Coffee is also finely ground using this type of mill. The mill is not suitable for oil-containing products.



The filling hopper, holding approx. 4 kg, has been mounted right on top of the grinding mill. The mill is delivered with a 1.5 kW motor and the performance and degree of grinding varies from 30 – 75 kg (wheat) per hour, depending on fineness of the ground product.


UL/CSA Approved Motor for the USA

Normally the mill is delivered with a standard European  1.5 kW 50 Hz. motor either 1 or 3 phases. However, the mill is also available with a 1.5 kW, 1×120 V 60 Hz.  UL/CSA approved motor, for the US market.

EM 25/250 Catalogue


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